Club History

Dates that are important in the History of the Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club;

1964 - Royal Hotel; First dicsusions reference forming a club. Riverina Hotel; Discusion to hold a meeting. Caledonian Hall 1st meeting descision to form a Club.

1965 - Waikato Breweries pledge financial assistance. Property purchased at Station Road Cluadelands. First stage of building erected. Incorporation of Club. Menbership 203.

1966 - Full Charter granted.

1967 - Managers house purchased. Club offically opened by the Hon. J.R. Hannan.

1968 - Second stage of building extention. Outdoor bowling greens completed.

1973 - Third stage building extentions. Membership 1400.

1977 - Change of name to Hamilton Cosmopolitan & Sports Club Inc.

1984 - Outdoor bowls pavilion completed.

1986 - Women membership.

1989 - Additions and alterations to the building. Membership 1750.

1990 - Twenty-fifth anniversary celebration.