Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club Inc.

Club History

Dates that are important in the History of the Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club;

1964 - Royal Hotel; First dicsusions reference forming a club. Riverina Hotel; Discusion to hold a meeting. Caledonian Hall 1st meeting descision to form a Club.

1965 - Waikato Breweries pledge financial assistance. Property purchased at Station Road Cluadelands. First stage of building erected. Incorporation of Club. Menbership 203.

1966 - Full Charter granted.

1967 - Managers house purchased. Club offically opened by the Hon. J.R. Hannan.

1968 - Second stage of building extention. Outdoor bowling greens completed.

1973 - Third stage building extentions. Membership 1400.

1977 - Change of name to Hamilton Cosmopolitan & Sports Club Inc.

1984 - Outdoor bowls pavilion completed.

1986 - Women membership.

1989 - Additions and alterations to the building. Membership 1750.

1990 - Twenty-fifth anniversary celebration.

Historical Documents

We have a Complete booklet of the first 25 years of history of the Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club.

We also have a list of the members who attended the Third General meeting held at the Caledonian Hall Grey Street Hamilton East on the 27th July 1965 and the first days takings when the club opened on 23rd May 1967

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